Request for Proposal - DV Journal

To: AP History Students

From: Mr. Spampinato

Managing Editor: TJ Journal

Re: Black History Month-Desegregation Expose

Date: 2-1-08

Dear Students,

I am writing to you today to enlist you as freelance reporters for a special expose we want to run in the TJ Journal for Black History Month. This expose is centered on the struggle for desegregation from the time of Plessy through today.

The newspaper wants to tell the story of desegregation through a first person perspective of individuals who lived the struggle.

As the best students in the school studying history, we believe that you could provide an invaluable service to the newspaper staff as freelance reporters on this topic. We are asking you to research the various eras of the desegregation struggle and do so from the perspective of specific people from the struggle. Essentially telling the story of desegregation form the perspective of these characters.

To accomplish this task we are asking that you submit a “Letter to the Editor” written from the perspective of real person involved in desegregation that would address the following questions:

· What impact does segregation have on you?

· What are your thoughts on school desegregation?

· What does “separate but equal” or “desegregation” mean for you?

· What public stand or action do you, or would you, take?

· What risks do you face? What do you stand to gain?

· What larger issues are important to you?

· What do you expect your local, state, or federal government to do?

· What would you like the courts to do for you?

  • What democratic values are most important to you?

Each “Letter to the Editor” should start with an introduction to your person and their context and then go on to address at least 5 of the questions above. In addition to the “Letter” please also submit a packet of digital images (5-7) that fit with the content of your letter. As will all Tjjournal articles and features correct spelling and grammar are expected.

The expose on desegregation is meant to help the school begin to think about issues of integration or segregation that may exist in our school or city today and the TJ Journal would like to issue a call to action on these issues. You’re working for the paper, as freelance journalists will help us create a dynamic expose to launch this call to action.

I have worked with Mr. Hickman to create an online tool to help you in your research and highlight the people and eras we need researched. Mr. Hickman will guide you through the process and the use of this tool over the next couple of weeks.

You can reach me at with questions at any time and you can submit your work product to me at the same address on or before February 25th. Your letter will be published on the 29th.



Managing Editor

TJ Journal

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